With electric vehicle sales doubling over the past few years, more drivers will be hunting for an EV charging station. As a business owner, you can capitalize on drivers looking for EV charging station plugs as a way to complement your business.

Installing EV chargers at your business makes it more relevant by increasing your property value, attracting high-income earners, and taking advantage of tax credits. 

Here’s more on how EV charging stations can help your business be more relevant.

Increase Property Value

As the number of people driving EVs grows, more people will want EV charging station plugs at apartment buildings, restaurants, and shopping plazas. Instantly, your property value skyrockets. After installing several types of charging stations, people will be looking for your business.

Moreover, when people are charging electric vehicles, they will spend time at your commercial business, spending more money. Once people are into a routine, your business becomes part of their charging station budget.

Some types of charging stations even have advertising opportunities. You can sell ad time on digital screens, yet another avenue to make money.

Attract High-Income Earners

A recent survey found most EV owners have an annual salary of around $150,000. Installing EV chargers gives you access to that demographic. 

Anything with EV charging station plugs, from high-end apartment complexes to shopping centers, will be an instant attraction. Why chase them away? 

Adding amenities such as an EV charging station will allow you to charge more for rent.

Take Advantage of Tax Credits

The government wants people to use electric vehicles to reduce climate change. To do this, they must help build the needed infrastructure. 

Much like solar panels, property developers can take advantage of tax credits. In many cases, it can almost pay for itself! After understanding how tax credits work, you can likely eliminate your charging station budget. 

Talking with your accountant or tax preparer about your changing station budget is best. They can help you maximize your tax benefits when installing charging electric vehicles. 

Be a Change Agent

Many people want to live, work, and shop in places that show they are helping in the fight against climate change. Installing an EV charging station shows you care. You are also investing in the future as the government looks to reduce fossil fuel usage. 

Regardless of salary, people are always looking to save money. Using a charging station at their office or their apartment complex can help them save money over time. 

You help people take advantage of cleaner energy while helping them manage their money. 

Making Your Business Relevant with an EV Charging Station

Making your business relevant with an EV charging station increases property value and attracts high-income earners. In addition, you can take advantage of tax credits and be a change agent for a cleaner planet. 

Contact us today and let us help you get started with an EV charging station project at your business. We can help you through the process to a cleaner, greener planet!