Nearly 500,000 buildings in the US experienced a fire causing a loss of $8 billion and about 3,000 deaths. It’s easy to forget bad things occur until they happen. Without an emergency and preparedness plan in place, statistics could be far worse.

Emergency and exit lighting are both essential must-haves for every public business. In the event of a mishap, these features can and do save the lives of millions. 

If you own or rent a commercial building, safety should be your main concern. Keep reading to find out why exit lighting is crucial. 

Helps Reduce Stress and Tension

The problem with disaster is the fear it invokes in many people. While it is wise to remain calm in an emergency situation, this does not occur often. Hysteria kicks and makes problems worse. 

When people are in fear, they may even forget their own safety protocols during the frenzy. Adding darkness only makes things worse. People are tenfold more likely to feel disorientated, which increases the risk of injury and death. 

Emergency lighting can prevent that level of stress by keeping exit routes clear, well-lighted, and easy to read. In many cases, the law also requires any area in a building to have a minimum of 2 emergency exits. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) also requires exit signs to be clear and visible no greater than 100 feet. 

Works as an Excellent Navigation

While good lighting is important to help reduce the incidence of theft, public buildings require good exit lighting to ease navigation. Emergency lights are always on, even in the event of a power outage.

This is with the help of incandescent bulbs that are internally wired. The average person is able to safely leave a building by following exit lights. As an alternative, building owners may use replacement batteries. 

They are also helpful for first responders who must enter the building during times of emergency. First responders can work quicker and more effectively when they can zip throughout the building. 

Testing and Maintenance

Emergency and exit lighting is something that must always work while you are in business. In order to ensure everything is in tip-top shape, proper maintenance is a must. 

This includes visual inspections and functional inspections. Visual inspections are a requirement every month. Inspectors will look for exploded or loose wiring. Professionals mount exit and emergency lights will replace cracks and blemishes. 

Functional inspections are something to complete once a month or year. A functional test aims to look for any damages to the lights and to ensure all lights are working. Record keeping of all data is a must for continual testing and maintenance. 

Exit Lighting for Your Public Building 

Exit lighting is an aspect every public building should have to protect workers, customers, and passersby in the event of an emergency. Whether you are opening a new commercial building or need to update your emergency lighting, you’re going to need help.

Lightility can help you determine what options you have to get the products you need while maximizing savings. Contact us for more info.