The latest statistics from the Solar Energy Industries Association show that corporate solar accounts for 14 percent of the U.S. market. This rapidly changing and ever-evolving technology is powering more businesses across the U.S. than ever before. Solar panels turn the sun’s energy into energy for your business.

Solar technology reduces your carbon footprint, comes with tax benefits, and saves money. Once you see the benefits of solar energy, you’ll get quickly on board!

Here’s more about why commercial solar design is essential for your commercial business.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Since 1970, carbon emissions have grown 90 percent, according to Environmental Protection Agency. Fifteen percent of the world’s carbon emissions come from the United States. Oil, natural gas, and coal emissions all contribute to climate change.

Installing solar panels at your commercial property helps to reduce your carbon footprint. You no longer will have to rely on power generated by fossil fuels.

As governments look to lower carbon emissions, look for more green energy, such as solar, at commercial properties.

Claim Tax Benefits

Installing solar technology at your commercial business allows you to claim valuable tax benefits. It could save you up to $15,000 on your tax bill when putting in solar panels.

To encourage more people to use solar energy, the tax benefits save you a lot of money on installation.

Use the money you save on energy costs for other improvements to your business. Replace windows or upgrade flooring and siding. Use the extra money for your retirement or vacation.

It’s best to talk with your accountant or tax preparer about how to claim these benefits.

Save Money

The solar green energy system harnesses the sun’s power and stores it in a battery system at your property. The energy you do not use at your commercial property is then returned to the utility company.

In many cases, you can earn money from the power you sell back! Many power companies will send you a monthly check for unused capacity if you are connected to the grid.

Evolving Technology

As technology gets better, solar panels get smaller. Solar cells last longer. Batteries can store power for a more extended period.

Manufacturers create solar panels from crystalline silicon. However, perovskite crystals are becoming more widely used. Many argue they are more efficient.

Solar shingles for your commercial roof are also becoming popular. Shingles are more aesthetically pleasing than large-scale solar panels on your roof or nearby solar farm.

Commercial Solar Design and Your Business

Commercial solar design is essential for your business because it cuts carbon emissions and allows you to claim valuable tax benefits. Solar energy also allows you to save money. You can also use rapidly changing technology that makes your solar energy system more efficient.

Our professional team of solar designers will put together the best plan for your business. We will take into account the architecture of your building and create an energy-efficient solar system for your commercial property. Allow us to work on your project with unmatched years of experience!