There are more than 43,000 public EV charging stations around the U.S. where people can power their electric cars. EV charge stations will continue to grow as more people purchase electric vehicles. However, solar-powered charging is the way of the future. 

Solar-powered charging stations are more environmentally friendly and can go anywhere. Moreover, a solar power charging station also saves money. 

Check out the ways solar charging stations will help create a more sustainable future.

Environmentally Friendly

The electricity used to power EV charge stations is not the best for the environment. Power plants often generate power using fossil fuels (natural gas or coal), which harms the Earth and contributes to climate change. As society builds more power plants, it destroys our natural infrastructure.  

However, solar charging stations use the power of the sun rather than using power off the grid. A solar-powered charging station gathers sunlight all day long and then uses a battery system when the sun goes down.  It also works in any type of weather, even when the power goes out on the grid. 

You’ll need an inverter to get solar-powered charging to an electric vehicle. Nevertheless, the system is completely green!


Americans drive more than 14,000 miles each year. And with America’s expansive highway system, we are constantly on the go

An advantage of solar power charging stations is that they can go anywhere. Driving through the middle of the desert, you might not find EV charging stations because there’s no power grid. However, solar power charging stations can exist because solar is everywhere! 

Solar-powered charging can go in the middle of a park or right off of a major highway. There are no barriers or restrictions as to where they can go. Those installing solar-powered charging stations will not have to build an infrastructure with wires and extra equipment. 


Thanks to tax credits, the solar power revolution is getting a lot of help from the federal government. People using solar panels for their homes and businesses can get a lot of money back in tax refunds.

To determine how much you might qualify for, it’s essential to check with a tax accountant. 

Automobile makers are also funding solar chargers. The wider availability of solar-powered chargers will drive the electric vehicle market. People must see they will have access to chargers no matter where they drive. 

EV Charging Stations Run by Solar

EV charging stations run by solar power are now the new way to charge an electric vehicle. Solar-powered charging stations are great for the environment and can go anywhere. These chargers are also cost-effective. 

Get in on the ground floor of using the sun’s energy to charge electric vehicles to be an even better steward of the environment. 

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