In 2020, the FBI reported $7.4 billion lost to motor vehicle theft—not to mention the belongings within having been stolen as well. These break-ins generally occur during the nighttime when faces cannot be identified, and the owners are nowhere to be seen.

Commercial parking lots can play a role in this if they are not properly lit. In fact, over half of the auto-theft crimes occur in a commercial parking lot. 

While most of these lots are not liable for any theft or damage, word gets around as to where people feel safe parking. This can significantly impact the business of these lots.

Ensuring the safety of your customers will improve your business and profits. Keep reading to learn how commercial lighting can help you. 

Proper Lighting in a Commercial Parking Lot

A commercial parking lot is an open area used to temporarily park two or more vehicles. This does not include street parking. If you are the owner of any such area, there are a lot of benefits of commercial parking lot lighting. 

If your commercial parking lot is attached to a business, consider working with that business to accommodate proper lighting for customers. A well-lit parking lot gives customers peace of mind that the business cares about them and their wellbeing. 

It is a testament to the quality of business one runs. If the parking accommodations feel sketchy—that will translate over to the neighboring business. If a business shows its care for the safety of its customers, it will generate more business.

And the more business they get, the more business the commercial parking lot gets. 

Safety for Customers and Businesses

Parking lots at night can be scary. Customers and employees tend to be on high alert when getting to their car, fumbling with keys and even clutching a protective device. 

While lights cannot stop crime, they can deter it.

When people can see better, it makes them feel more autonomous over their safety. A criminal would have less inclination to steal if their face and features could be seen and described. 

If there are cameras in your commercial parking lot, there’s a better chance that these people can be identified as well. 

We at Lightility want the best for your business and customers. We offer lighting solutions for all sorts of situations, and our sustainable model is designed to help you save money while generating more of it. 

We’ve done various projects, from medical facilities and office buildings to a secure military complex. Whatever your needs, we will help illuminate them.

Where Sustainability Means More

There are multitudes of commercial parking lots in cities, and we want to help yours become the preferred parking location for all visitors. Regardless of the size, we have sustainable lighting solutions that offer safety, peace of mind, and more revenue. 

If you’re considering investing in lighting for your commercial parking lot, contact us! We at Lightility look forward to working with you.