When you’re handling rising labor costs, equipment failures, and internal disputes, installing additional lighting at your commercial facility might seem like an extraneous expense. A large facility requires a significant investment for exterior lighting, but the benefits of a well-lit operation far outweigh the economic concerns. At Lightility, we offer innovative and sustainable lighting for commercial operations. Discover the following benefits of installing proper lighting at your facility.


The health and safety of your staff is a top priority of your organization, and the interior of your building is likely outfitted with safety equipment and posted regulations to prevent accidents. When your workers end their shifts, you’re still responsible for their safety until they leave the property. A poorly lit walkway or staircase can cause an injury that may delay work progress or lead to costly medical bills and worker’s compensation claims. With a fully illuminated parking lot and building, you can prevent accidents and lawsuits.


Dimly lit buildings are a favorite target of burglars and vandals. Even with security alarms and cameras, some criminals are bold enough to make a mad dash past a loud siren and grab whatever they can carry before running away to safety. Bright lights deter criminals when the units are installed in the correct location. External lights can be installed over entranceways, doors, and windows to minimize break-ins and vandalism.


A massive commercial facility that appears dark and foreboding at night may be ideal for a horror film, but that characterization is unlikely to appeal to potential customers or travelers passing by your building. Improving your exterior lighting with additional fixtures and lighting equipment can showcase your impressive operation when the sun goes down. A combination of floodlights and pole lights can make your business stand out at night.

For sustainable commercial lighting solutions, you can depend on Lightility. Contact us today to learn more!