In the U.S., commercial properties are responsible for $190 billion in utility costs every year.

To stay competitive in a fast-paced commercial landscape, property managers need to cut costs. Reducing commercial utilities is one of the best areas to focus on.

But it can be challenging to figure out the best course of action. Plus, many managers want swaps that can also benefit the environment.

This article provides a clear outline of smart ways to reduce commercial utilities. These energy-saving solutions range from smart technologies to practical tips. But they will all have a big impact on your savings.

A Bright Idea

Swapping to energy-efficient lighting is a great way to cut costs. LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs consume much less electricity than standard ones.

They also have an extended lifespan compared to standard models. This is because they produce much less heat than incandescent or fluorescent lights. So you can save on maintenance and replacement costs as well.

Another plus of upgrading your lighting system is better control over your environment. These systems come with technology like energy-saving modes, motion sensors, and smart dimming.

So you can modulate your usage depending on your needs, rather than having a static light that is only on or off.

Smart Charging

Commercial buildings often need chargers for various vehicles or equipment. Introducing EV charging systems into your commercial properties will save on utility costs.

As these forms of charging become mainstream, they will help future-proof your business. They offer a competitive edge over commercial properties, still using outdated charging methods.

Adding EV charging stations will also increase the value of your property. So if you lease or sell your commercial properties, you will see a greater return on your investment.

Embrace Solar Power

When managing a property, solar energy is a wonderful long-term investment. Not only will it cut energy costs, but it reduce your reliance on the main grid.

Depending on the type of solar panel, they can have a lifespan of 25 years or more. So you can look forward to savings for many decades to come.

Take good care of your solar panels by getting them checked and cleaned by professionals. This will keep them functioning at their maximum capacity for longer.

They also allow you freedom and autonomy over your own energy systems. You are more immune to fluctuations and inflation in energy prices over time.

You can also enjoy having extra energy during power outages or emergency situations. This is very valuable if your property is in an unreliable area for energy or is off-grid.

Incentives are available for solar panels from the government at both local and national levels. This could be discounts, stipends, or money back after the panels are installed.

Keep a Regular Maintenance Schedule

One thing that property managers forget to prioritize is property maintenance and repairs. Inspections help you to take proactive measures in matters of sustainability and safety.

Perform regular inspections to check the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. Also check the outside of the building, including the roof.

Performing thorough cleaning throughout commercial properties is also essential. A buildup of dirt, dust, and debris can affect the effectiveness of the building’s function.

If you keep everything in good condition, it will last for much longer and will run more efficiently.

Always Look For Improvements

Invest in improvements or upgrades to appliances throughout your building. Many times, older models use a lot more power and are more likely to cause faults in the system as a whole.

Another great addition to commercial properties is smart thermostats. Program the system to adjust the temperature and air systems during out of hours.

This way, you won’t waste energy when the building isn’t in use. Even if it is a building with 24-hour usage, you can identify quieter times when you can make adjustments.

Ensure that your building is well-insulated. Otherwise, you won’t see the benefits of your thermostat.

You should also keep track of utility prices throughout the year. An energy audit will help identify areas that are improving and what changes need making.

The more data you collect on your expenditure, the easier it becomes to see areas for improvement.

Plus, it will highlight the effects of making an energy-efficient swap. For example, the money saved by swapping your lighting to LEDs.

Mind The Gap

Drafts and gaps in seals are a huge waste of energy, especially in large spaces. It can take a tremendous amount of energy to heat or cool these areas.

So having this seeping out through cracks and seals will waste this energy. This is important during winter when the weather can cause cracks to widen.

Check over all your doors, windows, and walls to make sure everything is well sealed. If possible, upgrade windows to double or triple-glazed. This will help keep the area at a nice, manageable temperature.

Educating Employees

Educating employees on sustainable energy can help them to be mindful of their usage. Put in place easy-to-follow policies that will reduce energy wastage.

Creating clear goals as a company is a good way to encourage this behavior. Give measurable feedback, such as how many units of electricity or water they have saved over a month. This will show them that these policies are working and where to make improvements.

Take their ideas on cutting utility costs into account as well. If they feel involved, they are more likely to engage with the incentives.

You could even motivate them further with rewards based on their energy-saving efforts.

Save On Commercial Utilities Today

Investing in clean energy has many benefits aside from saving on commercial utilities. You will reduce your environmental footprint and improve the functionality of your property.

It can also enhance your reputation! Your company will be more attractive to clients who care about environmental topics.

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We would love to hear about your ideas for a sustainability project, so get in touch with us today!