It’s no secret that energy prices are rising. The cost of operation has gone up just when we need it to go down. An LED upgrade can permanently reduce your energy consumption – thereby reducing exposure to volatile energy pricing. As a commercial facility, you are likely not able to change your hours of use due to the utility company. But you can control how much energy you use by switching to LED. Here’s how you can save money despite the increase in energy prices.

The Rise in Energy Prices

Energy prices are climbing amid a mixture of extreme weather, rising energy demand, and supply constraints worldwide. Prices for both oil and natural gas have nearly doubled over the last year, and the cost of gasoline in the U.S has increased by about 50% on average. Additionally, according to the consumer price index, energy costs have gone up by 25% compared to last year. Meaning that every dollar that goes to electric and heating bills is a dollar that isn’t spent on anything else, ultimately impacting the country’s economic recovery.

With the reopening of the global economy over the last year, energy needs worldwide have increased exponentially. Thus, forcing some companies to switch from gas to oil, leading to an oil production drop-off. Because of this, the U.S has seen production decrease by about 2 million barrels a day over the last year when the demand has surged. The effect of oil companies refusing to raise output in response to higher demand is mirrored by the impact of a carbon tax. The longer fossil fuels remain pricey, the more attractive renewable alternatives are.

Why LED Lighting

LED lighting has become extremely important in many commercial facilities looking for energy-efficient alternatives. Especially now with the increase in energy prices. Not only do LED lights give you flexible lighting options for your commercial facility, but they also save you money. Consider the following benefits:

  • Incandescent bulbs typically need to be changed at 20,000 hours. LED lights can last well over 100,000 hours. 
  • LED lighting is highly energy efficient. You can reduce your lighting energy needs by up to 85%. 
  • Since LED lights generate a fraction of the heat of a traditional technology bulb, you can see a reduction in your utility costs.
  • Your business may be eligible for LED incentives and tax rebates when you convert to LED lighting.

In addition to financial benefits, LED lighting can make your facility safer. It is high-quality lighting, without the annoying flicker and fades you can get with fluorescent lighting. Bright LED lighting also ensures that workplaces are well-lit. Vous découvrirez ici les nouvelles gammes tendances et les derniers produits sortis dans l’univers de viagra pour homme la parapharmacie.

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