Lightility recently completed a facility-wide LED upgrade within a secured facility in downtown DC for the United States Department of Justice.  Lightility was able to reduce their lighting-related energy consumption by 50% while creating brighter, more consistent, flicker-free lighting.  The majority of the project used retrofit kits to upgrade the look and feel of the facility while creating color consistency and energy efficiency.  It also included an upgrade of their emergency lighting system.  Utility rebates reduced the overall project cost by 15%.

Services Provided:

  • Site Audit
  • Project Design
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Project Installation
  • Rebate Management

What Our Client Has To Say:

“Lightility completed this installation in a high-security facility with no issues – completing the work on-time and on-budget.  The project was installed during daytime work hours, but the Lightility team was quiet, efficient, professional, and clean – moving through spaces largely undetected until employees noticed the improvement in light quality.  The project not only helped us work towards critical BEPS requirements in terms of energy efficiency but also meaningfully improved the quality of the work environment.  Lightility always made themselves available, no matter the time of day, to answer any last-minute questions. We would definitely recommend Lightility, especially for projects that require federal security, and project complexity.  Their management end-to-end was highly effective, and as a result, the project has been a great success!”

Allie Walsh
Real Estate Manager, CBRE