Our cash-positive financing solution helped this rehabilitation center upgrade its patient and staff experience and permanently reduce operating expenses with no money out of pocket. 

 The Challenge: 

Secure a financing vehicle that would enable our client to implement Lightility’s proposed lighting upgrade with no cash out of pocket. This would enhance the resident, visitor and staff experience, as well as permanently reduce operating expenses for the facility. 

The Client:

Transitional Care Center, Capitol City is a 24-hour healthcare facility located in Southeast Washington, DC that assists with the recovery and rehabilitation needs of its residents while they safely progress from hospital to home.

The Solution:

Lightility bid the project out to several financing partners and allowed them to compete for this project in order to secure the most aggressive program for our client. We were able to secure a finance package that provided both an attractive rate and a term that enabled our client to be cash-flow positive immediately upon completion of the installation. 

To minimize project costs and maximize energy savings, rebates, and the “wow” of the post- LED upgrade, Lightility specified fixture retrofit kits with grouping sensors. This enabled the customer to get an upgraded look at a fraction of the cost, with a sensor program that enhanced rebates, preserved site safety and maximized energy savings. Back-of-house areas were retrofitted with lamps to minimize cost and maximize savings, while increasing light levels, creating a more pleasant and productive work area for staff members. Color temperatures were standardized to maintain a clean, but not-too-bright feel that married the comfort of a residence with the functionality of a 24-hour care facility.

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