Creating a budget for your commercial lighting project is more than setting aside some funds and throwing out a ballpark number. Be sure to seek out a professional project management company with experience in commercial lighting that will provide full-service consultation services.  

Complete Solutions 

To create an accurate budget, project managers will consider the size of your site, the scope of the project, current energy rates, and utility provider options. 


Planning for an immediate commercial lighting project will secure the most accurate budgetary estimates since rates change and programs run different incentives. For future contracts, this evaluation can be used as a preliminary baseline number.


Multiple options should be available to maximize the targeted payback best for your business. 

Energy Efficiency 

To find the proper lighting that fits within your budget, your full-service commercial lighting provider will likely recommend energy-efficient lighting options. Energy-efficient options can save money in operations costs over time and often have rebates that return some of the initial expenditures to your company for reallocation.  


Your contracted project team should shop for price comparisons in addition to optimizing other incentives programs. Look for vendor-neutral relationships. 


Rebates are offered through companies and government purchasing programs for businesses. Ensure the commercial lighting team passes those savings on to you rather than figuring them into their returns. 

Contract Terms 

Before signing a contract for your commercial lighting, make sure the terms address all of the necessary details that could incur extra costs on your end after the installation wraps. 


If lights need replacing or more lights need to be added, determine if that is the job of your maintenance team or a prolonged service of your commercial lighting team. 


Products come with all kinds of warranties. Make certain the external compliance terms and who will be heading the initiative in fulfilling warranty claims should they arise. 

Rather than taking numbers from similar plans or throwing out baseless estimates, consult Lightility for the professional management you need for your next commercial lighting project. Contact us at 240-292-1467 for more details.