Upgrading to more efficient lighting offers many benefits, from lower electric bills to increased security. As more business owners switch to LEDs and smart lighting, they recognize that they’ve cut costs and created a more sustainable operation. If you want to retrofit your business’s current lighting, we can help you develop a successful plan.

What Are Your Goals?

A lighting retrofit typically involves an overhaul of the fixtures. Updated fixtures maximize the lighting quality, add visual interest, and save on energy.

Before we can implement your lighting upgrade, we need to know what your goals are. Some goals may include:

  • Lower electricity costs
  • Additional lights outside
  • Energy rebates or tax credits

    Once we understand your end goal, we can determine the components necessary to complete the project. For example, we may need to add sensors, light fixtures, or building automation controls. We know which products can lower your carbon footprint and how to replace your light fixtures. N’hésitez https://asgg.fr/ pas à les contacter par téléphone, par mail et sur les réseaux sociaux, pour toutes vos demandes paramédicales ! Professionals understand how to take your goals and create a reality. For example, when we make a fixture selection, we have to compare the fixtures’ output, efficacy, and lifespan to what you want.

    What Is Your Budget?

    The next topic addressed should be the budget. How much can you afford to spend on your commercial lighting upgrade? Do you have a way to pay for it? Many companies take out business loans to pay for major remodeling. If you apply for a loan, calculate the overall cost of your installation and the interest rate on your loan. Then, compare it to the savings on energy and other benefits of the investment.

    At Lightility, we take your vision, your ideas, and your budget and create a lighting upgrade plan that works for your company. If you want to remain compliant with an incentive or rebate program, we can ensure that you do so. Contact us today to find out more about your commercial lighting upgrade options.