The Value of LED Goes Way Beyond Cost Savings

Did you know that there are a variety of lighting alternatives for your business?  Whether it’s a warehouse, an office, or something else, the lighting you choose can have an influence on both your finances and your employees’ moods. Switch to LED lighting and discover all the benefits it has to offer. Benefits to People … Continued

The Benefits of Proper External Lighting

When you’re handling rising labor costs, equipment failures, and internal disputes, installing additional lighting at your commercial facility might seem like an extraneous expense. A large facility requires a significant investment for exterior lighting, but the benefits of a well-lit operation far outweigh the economic concerns. At Lightility, we offer innovative and sustainable lighting for … Continued

Commercial Lighting Upgrade: Plan For Success

Upgrading to more efficient lighting offers many benefits, from lower electric bills to increased security. As more business owners switch to LEDs and smart lighting, they recognize that they’ve cut costs and created a more sustainable operation. If you want to retrofit your business’s current lighting, we can help you develop a successful plan. What … Continued