5 Energy Saving Solutions for Commercial Buildings in 2023

On average, we are wasting 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings.  With a higher focus on eco-friendly energy consumption, identifying and reducing energy wastage is essential. And, as an added benefit, energy conservation can reduce your operating costs too.  If you want to save energy in your commercial buildings, keep reading for five top energy-saving solutions.  1. Learn … Continued

Why Emergency and Exit Lighting Is So Important

Nearly 500,000 buildings in the US experienced a fire causing a loss of $8 billion and about 3,000 deaths. It’s easy to forget bad things occur until they happen. Without an emergency and preparedness plan in place, statistics could be far worse. Emergency and exit lighting are both essential must-haves for every public business. In the event of a … Continued

The Prevalence of Solar-Powered EV Charging Stations

There are more than 43,000 public EV charging stations around the U.S. where people can power their electric cars. EV charge stations will continue to grow as more people purchase electric vehicles. However, solar-powered charging is the way of the future.  Solar-powered charging stations are more environmentally friendly and can go anywhere. Moreover, a solar power charging … Continued

The Importance of Good Lighting in a Commercial Parking Lot

In 2020, the FBI reported $7.4 billion lost to motor vehicle theft—not to mention the belongings within having been stolen as well. These break-ins generally occur during the nighttime when faces cannot be identified, and the owners are nowhere to be seen. Commercial parking lots can play a role in this if they are not properly lit. … Continued