Where some see buildings, we see opportunities for a more sustainable financial and environmental future for your business and for our global community.  We are problem-solvers first – whether we are negotiating product and labor contracts, delivering your first electric vehicle infrastructure project, or helping your building harness the power of the sun, our approach is one of true partnership.

Our white-glove service, turnkey solutions, and transparent communication give our clients peace of mind when working through major decisions and significant transitions. We provide options, weigh alternatives, and ultimately implement programs that fit your needs, not the other way around. 

Our goal is to empower your team and prepare your organization for a new phase of sustainability and permanent financial savings.

As a part of our commitment to global communities, we illuminate more than buildings.  

Our support for Concussion Legacy Foundation helps shine a spotlight on the concussion crisis, to help soldiers, veterans, and athletes reach their full potential on and off the field.

We kindle the advancement of artist-driven projects with our support of Washington Project for the Arts.

We enlighten our local community to those among us needing assistance in times of personal crisis with our sponsorship of Stepping Stones Shelter.

Our relationships with these organizations are long-term commitments that are part of our team’s tradition and purpose, and we are honored to participate in their advancement.


Concussion Legacy Foundation

Washington Project for the Arts

Stepping Stones Shelter

Lightilty Awards

Best Customer Experience
PEPCO Holdings and EmPOWER Maryland

2022 Finalist Verl Zanders Emerging Business of the Year
Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

2019 Outstanding Contributions to Lighting Advisory Board
PEPCO Holdings and EmPOWER Maryland

2018 Outstanding Achievement in Green Building Technology
Mayor and Council of the City of Rockville