Solar energy has come a long way over the past decade. Engineers have created greater efficiency while the cost of solar components dropped drastically. Consequently, millions of everyday Americans can now afford to install solar on their properties. Will you install it on your commercial property?

1. Solar Reliability

Solar is one of the most reliable ways to supplement grid usage. While cloud coverage and other environmental factors can sometimes reduce effectiveness, panels continue to work during less than ideal conditions. They are considered one of the most consistent forms of green energy.

2. Reduced Operating Costs

Solar does cost money upfront, but federal tax credits, reduced energy bills, and net metering can pay for solar in no time. Consider, also, that solar components last for decades, and you can continue to expand until you are fully powered by solar.

3. Property Value Increase

People who buy or lease commercial properties know that energy bills will be high. Consequently, many are willing to pay more for properties with solar panels installed. Commercial real estate agents have observed that these properties sell faster and attract more interested buyers than properties without solar installations.

4. Great Marketing Factor

Modern-day consumers love to support companies taking steps to protect the environment. Reducing fossil fuel consumption via solar installation is a great way to combat this. Just be sure to align the rest of your business model before including this in the marketing plan, or it could come back to haunt you.

5. Income Diversity

Some commercial properties install solar to generate a profit by allowing other properties to tap into the solar array via subscriptions. This serves as community solar consumption that the company can use to diversify its income. While not common in commercial districts, it has become increasingly popular on ranches and farms and is a viable option in urban areas.

At Lightility, we help our clients upgrade to more efficient lighting, which complements solar perfectly. Contact us to find out how we can boost your savings and improve your property value.