The US currently boasts over 46,000 EV charging stations. Just like the market for electric vehicles, that number is growing all the time. As a result, more and more businesses are waking up to the benefits of installing a dual port EV charging station on their property.

If you’re worried about installation or operating costs, don’t let them deter you. Installing an EV charging station can reinvigorate your business. Considering the benefits involved, the up-front expenses are a worthwhile investment.

Read on for the four top reasons to install an electric charging station on your commercial property.

1. Attract and Retain Customers

Many electric vehicles come with built-in navigation systems to help drivers find the nearest station. With a charging station on your property, those drivers could be sent directly to your business.

What’s more, most EV charging stations take time to recharge a vehicle. While their vehicle is charging, drivers and passengers will be hungry for diversion. It’s the perfect opportunity for your business to shine.

A charging station offers your business a captive audience for a period of hours. You can take advantage of this customer base, encouraging them to spend money with your business while they can’t leave and spend elsewhere.

2. Earn Financial Incentives

The US government offers tax incentives for businesses with EV charging stations. Your business could become eligible for a federal tax credit of up to 30%.

The government also offers funding to help businesses install chargers. The Department of Energy is accepting applications for its Workplace Charging Challenge, which offers funding for workplace charging stations on commercial properties with over 100 employees.

This way, you can support both your customers and your employees, and earn tax incentives while you do it.

3. Reduce Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

The electricity used to power EV charging stations is not necessarily good for the environment. But if you choose your charging station wisely, you can bring down your business’s carbon footprint while encouraging eco-friendly driving.

Solar charging stations are completely green, and can function in all weathers. What’s more, you could be eligible for even more tax incentives if you use solar power for your business.

The right charging station can boost your business’s environmental credentials, all while saving you money.

4. Develop a New Revenue Stream

If you are still concerned about the costs of running a charging station, consider the return on investment it could deliver. By charging customers to use your station, you can cover the station’s fuel costs easily.

Over time, your charging station will pay for itself, and even deliver a profit for your business. The up-front costs may be high, but the long-term advantages are even higher.

Install a Dual Port EV Charging Station Today

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